The Washington D.C. adventure continues for LEAD participants

on February 3, 2017

The Washington D.C. adventure continued yesterday with a visit to the International Spy Museum after lunch. Students and Staff embarked on a mission to save the world from nuclear annihilation by uncovering a plot for the sale of the trigger devise in the fictitious country of Khandar. Each team successfully completed the mission. Unfortunately, the mission is top secret and taking photographs was not permitted. 🙂

This year, the students and staff attended a STEM workshop titled “Forensics of Espionage,” where the group had to uncover a double agent.  Students and staff identified the double agent from four suspects by using a variety of techniques typically used in the field to gather evidence.

Students were also able to go into the museum and learn about “Spy Stories” that had occurred throughout history. This included the fictional character, 007 James Bond and all the villains he has defeated. Included in this part of the museum were several “Spy Challenges,” one which required the participant to hang onto a bar while being elevated. This exercise was created to simulate a scene where James Bond was holding onto a girder while on a crane. Several students and staff members tried the challenge, but none met the goal of holding on for 60 seconds (though two staff members did get close).

After the Spy Museum visit, the group quickly checked into the hotel and freshened up for dinner. We ate at a local establishment not too far from the hotel.

When the group returned to the hotel, the staff led several activities to begin preparing the students for the LEAD conference.  There were several ice breaker and team building activities that required various forms of communication. At the end of the session, the students played a riveting three rounds of “Simon Says.” They were also given a packet of the LEAD workshop selections to review in preparation for the conference starting tomorrow.

Sightseeing is scheduled for most of the day today with the LEAD conference beginning tonight. Please check back for more updates!

Here’s a quick snippet from “Simon Says” led by Principal John Kaste:

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