Two M-W Odyssey of the Mind teams earn first place at regional competition, move on to states

on March 30, 2021

Congratulations to MWMS Team McInerney and CV Team Phillips for their recent first place wins at the 42nd annual Mid-Hudson Regional Odyssey of the Mind competition. Both teams will move on to the virtual State Competition on Saturday, April 3. The announcement was made via a prerecorded awards ceremony aired online.

M-W proudly cheered on Ian Katzman of Pine Tree’s Team Peterson, when he was honored with the prestigious OMER Award in recognition of teams or individuals who demonstrate outstanding sportsmanship, exemplary behavior or exceptional talent.  Way to go, Ian! 

This has been an unprecedented year and Odyssey of the Mind is no exception. About this time last year, all area Odyssey teams competed live and in person at the Goshen BOCES campus. A few days later…COVID completely changed everything. As a result, this year’s 42nd annual Odyssey competition was ALL VIRTUAL. From tryouts, to team building, to problem solution and spontaneous competition, the OMers were always remote.

All M-W teams proudly represented themselves, our school and our community as they impressed the judges with their teamwork, creativity and digital prowess. Coaches and OMers alike would agree…what an Odyssey 2020-21 has been!  

Ian - winner of OM award

PT student Ian Katzman earns the prestigious OMER Award.

The full results are as follows:

TEAM MCINERNEY (MS) – Placed 1st for Problem #2: Div. II.

Dylan Escobar, Kyle Imhof, Bisma Malik, Dylan McCann, Ava Mueller, Lauren Mueller, Mia McHugh

TEAM PHILLIPS (CV) – Placed 1st for Problem #3: Div. I.

Nathan Chan, Samuel Chan, Lizzie Fenfert, Logan Gold, Haweon Noh, Mia Perna, Ava Sethna, 

TEAM O’CONNOR (HS) – Placed 2nd for Problem #3: Div. III.

Jamie Calub, Eryn Sammut, Joshua Piriano, Megan McInerney, Julia Ottavio

TEAM IACCARINO (MS) – Placed  2nd for Problem #3: Div. II.

Jillian Calub, Elena Motta, Nicole Ottavio, Madison Bernsley, Gabrielle Patsiner, Andie Reese

TEAM MANDARINO & PIREN (PT) – Placed  2nd  for Problem #3: Div. I.

Michael Alappat, Melanie Koeva, Aidan Pampolina, Nathaniel Mitchell, Carter Greenberg, Cameron Stein, Andrew D’Ambroso

TEAM PETERSON (PT)  – Placed  2nd for Problem #1: Div. I.

Finley Brennan, Brandon Peng, Samir Malik, Liam Klausner, Jack Youngman, Ian Katzman*, Hannah Labrada

TEAM ELEZOVIC (MS) – Placed 3rd for Problem #5: Div.  II.

Joanny Almanzar, Olivia Cooper, Daniela Gunning, Sarah MacLeod, Olivia Mullahy, Nina Szigethy

TEAM PACHT (HS) – Placed TBA for Problem #2: Div. III.

Jack Kralik, Ayaan Ahmed, Amara Leitner, Sophie Baer, Dylan Wright

TEAM PAVIGNANO (NM) – Place TBA for Problem #5: Div. I.

Ethan Jones, Isabella Pavignano, Alexi Johnmar, Liam Lowe, Tessa McNerney, Lucas Davies, Ella Crowe

A message from Coach Peterson regarding Ian Katzman, OMER Award Recipient

This was Ian’s first experience with Odyssey of the Mind. With the transition to a virtual environment, a unique opportunity was created for Ian to be part of an online team. Given that this was Ian’s first time in Odyssey of the Mind, his coach expected him to be hesitant or even take a step back and watch others work. This was not the case with Ian. Ian’s team from Pine Tree Elementary had chosen the Omer the Romer – Problem 1 Vehicle to do this year. With this, the team took on a huge challenge of designing and building a vehicle. Because of the limitations of COVID, the team was unable to meet at any point. This meant that a majority of the creation and running on the vehicle fell on the shoulders of a small few. Ian took this responsibility on for the entire team. His living room was turned into the United States and featured, for several weeks, a 100 square foot course on which the vehicle was required to run. In addition to the track, the course also featured key landmarks and signage designed by the team but implemented, mostly, by Ian. His determination remained unchanged, even when faced with the car not working just a day or two before competition. Ian did not give up. He continued to look for ways to make the car function, troubleshoot and ultimately arrived at a solution. As his coach, I am proud of what the entirety of this team did. They worked hard and pushed through despite many obstacles. However, the constant force for positivity, determination and commitment was Ian Katzman. He embodies the spirit of Odyssey of the Mind.