Victory is sweet for student bake-off winners

on February 8, 2017

Pick me! Pick me!

Who WOULDN’T want to be a judge at Central Valley’s annual student bake-off? Judges recently had the “difficult job” of sampling 68 delicious homemade desserts, ranging from cookies (Grade 2 students), brownies and bars (Grade 3 students), pies (Grade 4 students) and cakes (Grade 5 students). It was hard to choose from so many delectable sweets!

Judging was done by representatives from local municipalities (law enforcement, fire, EMT, politicians, etc.), district and building administrators, Board of Education members, as well as local business owners. Students and family members looked on as Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez, Board of Education President Jon Huberth and other judges sampled food and made their choices.

First, second and third place winners were selected in each grade level. Congrats to our talented CV bakers!

CV Bake-Off Winners 2017

2nd Grade

1st Place – Celine Freeman – Choco Marshmalicious
2nd Place – Haylee Hascoat, Morgan Reich & Kayla Mosca – Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie
3rd Place – Michael Maris – British Custard Cookie; Caylee Seabury – Oreo Truffle Cookie

3rd Grade

1st Place – Valerie Taveras – Dark Chocolate Lava Brownies; Asher Fateman – Chocolate Covered Pretzel Bar
2nd Place – Mia Crovetto – Cinnamon Roll Brownies
3rd Place – Grace Kobylinski – Chocolate Fudge Brownies; Alice Mamkin – Rocky Road Covered in Snow

4th Grade

1st Place – Kelly Cleary – Chocolate Cherry Pie
2nd Place – Mikayla Giraud – Oreo Creamy Pie
3rd Place – Abby Ohren – Oreo Chocolate; Skylar Shaw- Skyes Patriotic Pie

5th Grade

1st Place – Monica Maxwell – Showtime
2nd Place – Marisa Arone – Walter-Melon;  Samantha Heim – Strawberry Dropped Cheesecake; Valerie Pederson – Chocolicious
3rd Place – Hailey Baker – Chocolate Cake


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