Weekly update from Principal Maesano

on September 20, 2020

Friday, September 18, 2020

Happy Friday!

Please click here to view the latest “Updates from MWMS” video.  Another email will be sent shortly with track and day information to explain next week.  Here is the agenda for the video:


1. Phase 2 Schedule: Phase 1 is over and therefore we are no longer following the “Remote Learning Schedule”.  We will still follow our “Synchronous Monday” schedule and we will be following our regular bell schedule (8:15-3:00) Tuesday through Friday.  All students will be following that schedule regardless of track and a separate email will be sent shortly to explain what your child’s week ahead will entail.

2. SNAP: Please be sure to see the email sent yesterday regarding setting up a SNAP account so that you can complete the COVID-19 questionnaire for each day that your child is in attendance in the building by 7:30 AM. If screening questionnaires are not completed prior to 7:30 AM, your child will be screened by one of our health office staff at the building.

3. Drop Off: Our drop off routine has changed.  All students driven into school by parents will dropped off in front of the building.  Please follow the signs and directions of our safety officers.

4. Online Behavior: Students cannot have a Google icon that is anything other than a picture of themselves, their initials (default setting), or a district symbol (Crusader, MW logo, etc.).  Also, the recording and/or taking pictures during class time is prohibited.  Students cannot record, take pictures, and/or post to social media any images or audio from their classes whether remote or in person.

5. All students and staff will observe proper social distancing, as well as wear masks throughout the day for everyone’s safety.  

Have a great weekend everyone! Please keep us posted if you have any questions or concerns by emailing us or commenting on the video.