What do 9th graders need to know?

on January 11, 2018

Check out the questions most often asked about M-W High School:

These Frequently Asked Questions can guide parents and guardians in supporting the transition of their 9th grade students to the High School. Please feel free to reach out to the student’s House Administrator or School Counselor with any other questions.

How do I find more information about sports and how to join a team?

Visit the Athletics webpage at:  https://www.mw.k12.ny.us/athletics/ or visit the Athletic Director’s office located in room 125 in the High School for information regarding athletic teams, tryouts, schedules and more.

When do activity buses run?

Activity buses:

Monday – 5:00 p.m. ONLY

Tuesday – Thursday 4:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m.

There are no activity buses on Fridays.

Please note: Activity buses are only available to students who are enrolled in an after school activity, extra help, or athletics. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, students are not permitted to leave campus without permission and will not be allowed to take the activity bus.

Does my child need a bus pass to take another bus?

At this time, the practice of the High School is that students do not need a pass to ride another bus.

Are there clubs I can join when I arrive at Monroe-Woodbury High School?

Yes, there are many!  The complete list is available online at:


How do I change my schedule prior to the start of the school year or drop a class if needed?

Students will be given the opportunity during Freshman Orientation to complete and submit a Student Schedule Change/ Drop Request form.  Once the school year begins, students can go into any house office to obtain this form.  Once the form is completed, students can submit the form to their guidance counselor.  Please note, only academic changes to a student’s schedule will be considered.

Course Drop Deadlines:

  • A semester length course: up to the end of the first Progress Report of the semester.
  • A year course: up to the end of the First Quarter.

No grades or notations will be included in the student’s report card or transcript.  Please be advised that students who drop a course during the school year may not register for the course during summer school.

What is the protocol regarding student drop off / pick up?

We strongly suggest that  your child take the bus to school to ensure punctuality and to limit the traffic on our campus.  In the event that a child must be driven to school, cars must enter through the High School entrance and follow the signs.  Students must be present in their first period class by 7:08 a.m. to be marked on time for the day.

How do I handle letting the school know my child is at home sick or legally absent?

The attendance policy, as governed by school board policy and New York State Law, currently requires all parents and guardians to notify the school if their child will not be in attendance.  The Monroe-Woodbury Central School District Board of Education policy regarding High School attendance and unexcused absences from class states:

At the High School level, any student with more than ten (10) unexcused absences from class during a semester or twenty (20) unexcused absences for a full year will not receive credit for that course. An accumulation of three (3) unexcused tardiness and/or unexcused early dismissals will represent the equivalent of an absence from class.

Details regarding the Monroe-Woodbury Attendance Policy can be found in the student handbook.  If your son/daughter is going to be absent from school for all or a portion of the day, please contact the attendance office at: (845)-460-7000 or email [email protected].

How will I know who my daughter’s/son’s school counselor will be? How do I make an appointment to speak with or meet my daughter’s/son’s school counselor?

Each student will be assigned a counselor based on their house designation.  Both the assigned House and counselor name can be located on the student schedule. You may also contact the Monroe-Woodbury High School Guidance suite at (845)-460-7000 ext. 7500 to make an appointment to meet with your student’s assigned guidance counselor.  The Guidance Suite is located in the House A office, however, students can make an appointment with their guidance counselor in their house office as well.

Do I need to purchase locks for my child’s lockers?

Each student will be provided a locker that has a built-in combination lock for their daily use; however, a lock for Physical Education class must be purchased by the student.  These are available for a nominal charge in the School Store.  Gym lockers must be used to store property while in PE class.  All personal items need to fit in the locker.  These lockers must be locked while unattended.  Please be reminded that lockers are school property.  Students are expected to keep lockers clean and locked at all times.  Lockers and their combinations should not be shared.  Valuables are encouraged to be kept at home.

How does lunch work? How do I pay my account? How do I know if I will receive free and reduced lunch? How do I enroll?

There are four lunch periods each day.  Students are assigned a lunch period and location for each letter day.  This information can be found on their schedule. Information regarding account payments, forms for free and reduced lunch and other information regarding food services can be found at: https://www.mw.k12.ny.us/district-services/food-services/

When is after-school help available?

All teachers are available at least one day a week after school to provide extra help to students.  Please check the individual teacher’s course syllabus for specific days and locations.

Can students go to a cafeteria or study hall that they are not assigned to?

The students are expected to be in their assigned locations at all times.

Is there a dress code?

As per the student code of conduct, students are expected to be appropriately dressed and covered every day.  All relevant private body parts should be completely covered.  Pants should be properly belted or cinched to avoid sagging.  Please refer to the Student Code of Conduct for details pertaining to the dress code.

What is the procedure to be followed if something needs to be dropped off during the school day?

Any items, including lunch, textbooks/school work, sports equipment, etc. are to be brought to the attendance office.

What are the procedures for arriving late or picking up early?

In the event your child is late to school, they will need to report to the attendance office to be given a pass to enter class.  Students need to have a note with an explanation for the lateness.  Students that are leaving early, a note needs to be given to attendance stating the time and reason for the early pick up.  Parents must come into the building and sign their child out.  This is done through our attendance office.

Please consult the Monroe-Woodbury High School Student Handbook, which can be found on the school’s About M-W High School webpage, for answers to many other questions regarding school policies, procedures and other pertinent information.

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