You’ve been chopped!

on January 18, 2017

High school faculty members participated in a “Chopped” cooking challenge before the January 9 faculty meeting. The competition, organized by Mary Ann Kostelnik, was a recipe for laughter, camaraderie and some delicious entrees!

Teams were challenged to create an innovative and impressive dish with only the resources made available to them. They were given a basket of “mystery ingredients” that must be used. They also had full access to staple ingredients as well as spices, milk, eggs and butter. Teams had to create an entree using these ingredients and were encouraged to transform ingredients and use them in creative and unique ways.

Instructions were as follows:

Many times in life, the most economical way to cook is not by following a recipe, but by applying your cooking knowledge and skills to utilize what you already have in your kitchen. This challenge should help you to practice this approach, as well as to promote creative problem-solving and collaboration with your group members.

The day of the challenge, your kitchen oven will be preheated to 350 degree and a pot of water will be boiling top of the stove so you are ready to go. You will make your food item and present to the judges…you need to be able to describe your food to the judges/ explain how you used the secret ingredients.

You will need to work quickly and efficiently in your teams. On the day of the challenge, all dishes must be completed and submitted within 30 minutes. At that point, a sample will be given to the judges, a photo of the dish will be taken, and you will be allowed to sample your dish as well.

The winning dish will be judged based on taste, presentation, degree of difficulty, and use of the secret ingredients.

Superintendent of Schools Elsie Rodriguez, Michelle from the high school kitchen staff and Eric from the high school custodial staff served as judges. Kudos to first place winners Chris Goodwin and Scott Johannemann (Social Studies) and second place winners Chris Truett and Kathy Mcguckin (Art).

Bon Appetit!