Capital Program Scope of Work - Monroe-Woodbury High School

Replacements and Upgrades

Total cost of work at M-W High School $9,218,808

Upgrade safety systems $3,128,568

The following systems will be upgraded:

  • Fire alarm system and carbon monoxide devices ($1,554,768)

  • Public address system and clocks plus upgrade large gymnasium sound system ($1,573,800)

Replace boiler $1,830,000

The boiler is original to the building.

Enhancements $4,260,240

Field Building

A new structure on the athletics fields would be built to provide public restrooms, concession space and equipment storage. These two projects will complete the district's athletic complex.

Replace tennis courts

The district's tennis courts are weathered, cracked and in need of work to provide usefulness for students, teams and the community. The new tennis courts would look similar to below:

example of tennis court replacement


Monroe-Woodbury High School

Total cost at M-W High School: $9,218,808



Field bathrooms/concession building & tennis courts


Replace boiler


Upgrade public address system and clocks, plus upgrade the sound system in the large gymnasium


Upgrade fire alarm and carbon monoxide monitoring systems