Capital Project & Referendum

Capital Project Passes - Thank you, M-W voters!

On Tuesday, December 5, 2023, district residents approved a $98 million capital improvement project by a vote of 878 yes votes to 290 no votes.

Thank you to the M-W voters!

Vote: Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Polls Open: 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.

Location: Central Valley Elementary School, 45 Route 32, Central Valley, NY

Project Overview

For several decades, the school district has worked diligently to prolong the life of major systems in our school buildings. However, we are at a critical juncture, where repairs, patches, and other methods can no longer ensure safe, comfortable teaching and learning environments.

The proposed $98 million program addresses the most critical infrastructure improvements in all seven school buildings and five non-instructional buildings, with zero tax impact for our district residents. The district is seeking voter approval for these projects because in New York state, capital projects must be approved by district residents.

The work involved in this project would include:

Boiler replacement in five schools

  • Boilers have exceeded their expected lifespan; some are as much as 60 years old and are original to the building

  • In three elementary schools, steam boilers will be replaced with new hydronic (hot water) heating systems.

Infrastructure improvements in all seven schools and five additional district buildings

These incorporate upgrades to safety and security systems including:

  • New public address systems for rapid communication

  • Upgraded fire alarm systems and carbon monoxide devices

  • Installation of security vestibules in three schools

  • Electrical panel upgrades

  • Classroom clock system upgrades

Weathertight buildings

  • Replacement of roofs, ladders and access hatches in four schools, plus the Education Center

  • Restoration of masonry walls and exterior wall panels in four schools, plus the Education Center

Upgrades to facilities

  • A new structure at the athletic field complex providing accessible public restrooms, concessions and equipment storage

  • Replacement of 40-year-old tennis courts, which will be lined for pickleball

  • Upgrades to Technology classrooms and lab refurbishment at Middle School

  • Auditorium refurbishment at Central Valley

  • Repair failing brick facades at several buildings

  • Upgrade the bus garage underground fuel storage tanks

How will the project be funded?

In order to minimize the impact on taxpayers, the program will be paid for with multiple sources of funding:

  • Building Aid (app. 70%)

  • Capital reserve funds (savings 24%)

  • Retirement of existing debt (6%)

ZERO impact to budget/tax levy

Crusader Chat

A Crusader Chat regarding the project was held on Thursday, November 2 at 6 p.m. at the Education Center, 278 Route 32, Central Valley. The Chat included an overview of the project scope and funding sources, and a Q&A session. View Crusader Chat.