Mrs. Kassel

We are thrilled to report that more than 70 M-W families shared their stories about people in M-W who make a difference in their children's lives each day. We will share each and every one, so stay tuned in the months ahead! 

Today the district recognizes North Main teacher Heidi Kassel. Read on to learn more about what makes Mrs. Kassel the awesome teacher she is, even during challenging times. Thank you to NM student Sofia Gerych and her family for nominating Mrs. Kassel and for sharing your special story. And thank you to Mrs. Kassel for all you do for our students each day.

From the Gerych Family:

What makes Mrs. Kassel so special?
Mrs. H. Kassel is an exceptional teacher who genuinely cares about her students! We were so lucky to have had her as our daughter’s teacher last year! We know how difficult last year was for all the teachers, with so many changes and constant switching between remote and hybrid learning models. Mrs. Kassel helped the kids quickly adapt to remote and hybrid learning with such a positive caring attitude, optimistic outlook, and a great sense of humor. 

She made transitioning from one learning model to another so smooth. She always created such a welcoming atmosphere in her classroom and made our daughter feel comfortable, whether being in a remote or in-person classroom. Mrs. Kassel certainly succeeded in keeping the kids motivated and eager to keep learning. At the same time, she was able to find a healthy balance with having a lot of fun. It was a real pleasure to see how our daughter was always waiting for another day with Mrs. Kassel with such excitement and joy! 

We are extremely impressed with Mrs. Kassel’s organizational skills, her ability to find a personal approach to the kids and build personal connections with them despite the challenges of the past school year. We felt comfortable with Mrs. Kassel’s teaching style and totally trusted that our daughter would stay on track with her curriculum. We didn’t have to be concerned that our daughter would be falling behind because of the pandemic. From the first lesson until the end of the school day, Mrs. Kassel had the kids engaged.

What message would you like to share with her?
We cannot say enough about how much we appreciate everything you have done for our daughter! You are a truly exceptional and rare teacher who certainly left a footprint in our daughter’s life and a mark in our hearts. Thank you so much for helping her to grow academically, personally, and emotionally! We are so grateful for your constant encouragement, reassurance, sincerity, warm words and support towards our daughter and us, the parents.