Buses of the Month

Each month, the Monroe-Woodbury Central School District recognizes school buses where students demonstrate characteristics of a true Crusader: respectful, compassionate and well behaved. These buses represent a collaborative effort by students, drivers and attendants who work as a team to keep the bus safe.

Congratulations to December's honorees! 

Smith Clove - Bus #571 - Driver: Joe Beadle

The students on bus 571 are a wonderful group of children! From the start of school they have shown respect for everyone on the bus and their kindness towards each other. They understand the importance of wearing their seat belts, know all emergency exits and follow the safety rules of the bus. The students are cooperative with the driver and attendant and follow instructions if they are given. They are an amazing group of students who have shown care and concern for each other and their bus! 

Central Valley - Bus #590 - Driver: Donna Nemeth

The students on my bus are very well behaved. They are all respectful to each other and to me. They always wear their seat belts. All of my crossers always wait for me to give my hand signal before crossing the street. They always sit quietly in their seats. I look forward to driving them back and forth to school each and every day. 

Pine Tree - Bus #615 - Driver: Cheri Gatling

They have adjusted so well to so many new rules and protocols during the pandemic. They take a huge interest in learning what my role is as a bus driver, besides me just driving them back and forth. We talk, we laugh, we sing, and we even have "Raffle Wednesdays," which consists of my Bus Monitor Dominique asking our riders questions about bus safety and operations, which allows them to learn more about who is responsible for transporting them and how the bus operates. Whoever answers correctly wins a prize, which I donate every week from my own funds. We learn so much about each other, everyone gets to know every person on our bus. I'm very proud of all of our riders, from both schools, ranging from first 1st - 8th grade. They make our job easier, safer, and more enjoyable. 

Middle School - Bus 542 - Driver: Maria Neuser

My children have shown so much improvement!  It took a while for them to get the routine down, but now they get right in their seats, keep their masks on and listen carefully when I speak to them about bus safety. I'm very proud of how far they have come. They are a great group of kids!